Fire and Smoke Detection

This option is used for: (1) Provides the ability to control the Artificial Intelligence model used for Fire and Smoke Detection (without login). Select and "Upload" a movie file or photo with smoke or fire and press the "Identification" button, in case of positive detection at the point of fire or smoke in the frame of the video or photo will be presented with a red border the first frame with fire or smoke . Please use video files of size not more than 30 MB and image files not more than 10 MB.

Φόρτωση Video

Φόρτωση Εικόνας

(2) Activation of fire detection on existing cameras by indicating the Link interface, email and mobile phone of persons for automatic notification in case of fire (Login is required). Technical Requirements: The only technical requirement regarding the camera is to be IP and accessible from the internet. The system supports multiple cameras. Fire detection takes into account the vegetation and use of soil embedded in DMF maps, which are updated by drawing data from the Copernicus service