Mobile Number Registration
Code Verification
Area Selection
How Does It Work?

Every Citizen can register their mobile phone in the system and define up to 3 regions of Greece for which he will receive notifications in the event of a disastrous event.

The content of the notifications and their activation are defined by the Local Communities, Municipalities, Regional Units, the Region and anyone else authorized by them. The registration is valid until the date specified by the Citizen. The language of the message is defined by the Citizen.

After filling in your phone number in the corresponding field of the form on the left, a code will be sent to your mobile phone. Keep this code somewhere so that it is available for future use.

No other details of the Citizen are being recorded.

Verification Code

In this step you will have to fill in the code that has come to you as a message to the mobile phone that you gave in the previous step.

If you have not received a message with a code or if you have deleted it, please press Send New SMS Code

Selection of regions to be notified about

In the last step, the user can declare up to 3 regions for which he wishes to receive notifications regarding civil protection

To enter a region, click inside the field Add Areas and choose from one to three regions. Then press the button Register Area to register the regions and then press the button Finish to complete the process.