What Is DMF ?

An integrated information system in which all advanced telecommunication and information technologies are combined to address emergencies. It is used not only during disasters but also for prevention and design of treatment.

What's its purpose ?

The disaster management system was created to help systematically anticipate and respond to disasters using advanced technology and software. Enable citizens to participate actively in tackling disasters.

Who is it used for ?

The system is used by the region, regional units, municipalities and municipal units, for their own organization to deal with disasters in the context of disaster management, and by citizens, businesses, etc. for the collecting information on the risks posed by disasters and their participation in voluntary groups and services

Why ?

Telecommunications and information technologies provide many useful tools for disaster response. The geographic information system, the Internet, early warning technologies, warning means (cameras, sensory devices for the collection of meteorological and other data). They provide continuous, cost-free, valid and timely information.

How do you participate ?

At www.dmf.gr you can find out about all the services provided, become a certified user so that you can record related risks and become a member of a volunteer group or offer volunteer work.

Areas covered.

The system has incorporated geographic data of all Greece so that it can be used by all regions, regional units, municipalities and municipal units.

Main Functions

Identification, Registration and Notification of Risks ---Registration of The Agency's Infrastructure, ---Organization of Personnel, Teams and Resources---Design of Activities, Actions and Plans,---Announced Notification,---Development and implementation of Tools for each disaster, --- Area Surveillance,--- Forest Fire Detection, etc.

Supported Hardware

Optical and Thermal Cameras,---Meteorological Stations,---Sensors,---Data Transfer Systems,--Emergency Digital Signs,---Information Digital Signs,---UAV, ---Energy Production Systems,--- Alarm Systems etc.